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A total body massage. Various techniques are used: strokes, deep tissue kneading, wringing, finger, thumb, palm pressure and percussion. It is stress relieving, muscle toning, improves blood circulation, strengthens body tissue and improves skin texture and improves immune system.

Aroma oils / essential oils are used. Together we can sense the aromas and 1 oil or a blend of oils can be chosen. With his oil the body will be massaged. Every essential oil has its properties. Essential oils are the plants oils, being squeezed out from plant materials, like the flower petals, leaves, fruit and wood.

This massage is a very gentle massage, as the lymphatic vascular system is just under the skin surface. The strokes are repeated to eliminate / to drain the lymph towards the nearest lymph-nodes. Improves circulation and eliminates toxins.

A deep tissue massage with the emphasis on specific needs.

A combination of strokes with the hands and fore arms, pressure points and gentle stretches stimulates the blood circulation, and energy flow around the body.