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Meditation Retreat

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Book Before 20th April 2019 and Stay Between 12th April 2019 To 31st May 2019


Guided Meditation Technique:

At The Beach House Goa’s Transformational Meditation Program we teach you a simple yet intensely powerful meditation technique that you can incorporate as part of your daily routine. In a world where our mind’s never stop and many of us find it difficult to just switch off, here is a meditation that is easy to learn, effortless to practice and does not require specific beliefs, behaviour or lifestyle and is not connected to any religion.

Mind – Body Awareness through Breath Meditation:

Re-centre your awareness and make your mind clear and more lucid. Breath meditation is meditation on spirit, on consciousness itself to calm the mind and to develop inner peace.

Deep Healing and Balancing through Chakra Meditation:

Unblock your chakras and feel elevated, energized and whole. Balance your chakras and find balance within your mind and body.

Energy Cleansing and Mind Strengthening through Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation:

Through the healing vibrations and unique tones of the singing bowls cleanse your mind: clear out the toxins, rekindle your creative side and get in touch with yourself.

Experienced Yoga Teachers:

If you are looking for respite from the burdens of today’s fast paced life, have lost a sense of direction, want to embark on a journey of self discovery or you are just looking to learn something new this retreat is here to provide you just that. Under the guidance of our highly trained and immensely experienced Yoga Guru you will not only learn but also gain an in-depth understanding into this wonderful mediation technique, Yes with your own unique mantra!!!

Backed by numerous scientific researches this meditative form is believed to be a very pure and effective technique. Transforming an individual and settling to the simplest, most powerful state of awareness. This form of meditation would allow you to tap into the inner reservoir of your creativity, energy and intelligence.

The Transformational Meditation Retreat is designed to empower you with a skill to enhance all levels of life – health, mental potential, social behavior, and inner peace.

Other Exciting Features:

The yoga retreat includes a Daily Spa Treatment to compliment your daily schedule. You can choose from a wide selection of Therapeutic Ayurvedic massages, oriental massages, and beauty pampering treatments we offer.

Our wellness experts conduct daily Group Talks or Workshops covering topics of nutrition, Ayurveda, the mind to empower you take an active role in your wellness by providing you with the knowledge and confidence to manage your well being.

We provide Freshly Prepared Wholesome Vegetarian Meals that are based on the Yogic Satvick and Ayurvedic Principles.



Duration Single Per Person (GBP)
5 Nights £ 990

What’s Included in Our Program

The Meditation Retreat Package is inclusive of:

  • All Inclusive Luxury Accommodation.
  • Personal and Medical Assessment.
  • Ayurvedic Doctors Consultation and Assessment.
  • 1-1 Yoga Consultation.
  • Daily educational talks, presentations, workshops and informal group sessions
  • Twice Daily Yoga and Relaxation Session
  • Daily Special Transformational Meditation Sessions.
  • Daily Guided Relaxation Sessions.
  • Daily1 Specialized Ayurvedic Massage Treatment.
  • Daily Schedule of Satvik Yoga Meals.

Signature Progress Monitoring :

  • Initial assessment form
  • Daily follow up assessment forms with the instructor and personalized guidance

Additional Benefits:

  • Airport Pick-Up and Delivery. (charges are applicable)
  • Welcome drink.
  • Welcome meal (breakfast/lunch or dinner depending on arrival time).
  • Packed snack for departure journey.
  • Access to a library of books and DVD’s on Health and Wellness.
  • Transformational Meditation Retreat Workbook
  • Personalised Retreat Diary.
  • Expert support and counselling as and when required.

Who should Retreat

Anyone Who:

  • Wants to learn a new meditative technique as an empowering skill to enhance all levels of life – health, mental potential, social behavior, and inner peace.

Or anyone who:

  • Wants to de-stress.
  • Seeking relaxation, peace & quiet.
  • Seeking growth both personally and socially.
  • Wants to deepen their practice in meditation.
  • Wants to invigorate a tired body.
  • Wants to feel mental clarity.
  • Is constantly tired and lethargic.
  • Has poor concentration levels.

How you Benefit

Benefits You Can Expect From Our Retreat:

  • Improved mental clarity with a high level of alertness
  • Gaining a deep sense of relaxation
  • Increasing creativity and intelligence
  • Attaining inner happiness, inner peace and fulfilment
  • Ability to better manage stress
  • Higher work efficiency
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Balancing the nervous systemactivation,
  • Balancing hormonal levels
  • Increasing brain coherence

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