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We all have an energy field around us and in us. This energy is called ‘Aura’. Typically our thoughts manifest as emotion, the emotions manifest into energy (aura) and energy manifests into the physical body. Simply put our thoughts affect our bodies, both positively and negatively. So a diseased body begins with a diseased thought process.

In today’s tech savvy world we get to capture one’s Aura giving you a fairly clear idea about a person’s state of being through the aura photograph. In Indian cultural aura has been observed as the white halo around the heads of gods photographs and even saints. It represented their alignment with spirituality and as divine being. Without too much to do and simply a click away you can now get your own Aura photographed and read. And as you journey on the path of healing and caring for yourself watch your aura shift with before and after readings.

Healthy aura markers are significantly brighter and bigger and radiate a warm positive energy that is reflected in the photograph but also felt by everyone around you. While the disturbances and deviations also visible in the photograph helps point out areas of distress so you can work on them. Different modes of therapy are available for aura cleansing. This leads to healing of emotional wounds or hurts so one can avoid manifesting them in the physical body as illness. Making the change at the thought level can bring about change in the emotion and the auric field. So when our thought is in sync with our life plan; auric field tends to remain uniform and free flowing.

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         Who Should do?

  • Identify problem areas impacting your life
  • Know one’s energy field
  • Begin the process of self-healing
  • Has hit a block emotionally
  • Know where you are stuck in therapy
  • Therapists looking to empower their clients

         How you benefit?

  • Helps you see blocked/ congested chakras
  • Instigate the process of healing as the issue are brought to awareness
  • Increase in self awareness
  • Helps you get in touch with your own energy
  • Helps you identify and release blocks
  • Better understanding of self
  • Helps you make the best choices for self
  • Gives you the ability to heal and change various therapy
  • Get a sense of who you really are
  • Feel empowered moving ahead in life