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Weight Loss Retreat Holidays in India – Goa

The main purpose of a Weight Loss Retreat Holidays is to empower you to take control of your health. We don’t believe in diets or slogging in the gym for hours every day. We believe in balance and finding a way to manage your weight whilst living your life. Though weight loss is inevitable during the retreat it isn’t the main focus.

As with all Sanda Retreats we aim to look at Weight Management from a holistic point of view, it is not just about your time here but we aim to help you continue to manage your weight from this point forward. Psychologically we look at any underlying issues that may be inhibiting you from achieving the body you are proud of. We aim to motivate you to make the necessary changes to achieve a healthy, wholesome diet that supports your body and makes it stronger, fitter and healthier so you can live the life you want. Physiologically look at different types of food and show how they affect your body’s internal environment. Each and every one of us has a different body chemistry, it is important to understand ourselves better and know which foods and drinks aggravate our system and which are more suitable for us. Through educational talks and workshops and 1-1 sessions on the Weight Management retreat we aim to enable you to make conscious decisions about the food you eat.

Physically look at your body composition and work on increasing lean muscle mass and burning fat. Weight becomes irrelevant when your body tissues are in the right proportions to support your skeleton and internal organs, improve your posture and make your body strong, supple and mobile (not to mention lean and toned!). We combine a range of exercise techniques including yoga, power yoga, beach side fitness, cardio and weight training.

AED 4,670(Onwards)

AED 3,940 (Onwards)

AED 6,180 (Onwards)

AED 5,260 (Onwards)

AED 8,860 (Onwards)

AED 7,550 (Onwards)

AED 11,830 (Onwards)

AED 9,980(Onwards)

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Book Before 20th April 2019 and Stay Between 12th April 2019 To 31st May 2019

  • – Gain holistic insight into your body and mind.
  • – Start to trim your waistline and tone your body.
  • – Leave equipped with tools to achieve your ideal weight.
  • – Discover yoga for health and wellbeing
  • – A jump start to a more active and healthier lifestyle
  • – Experience a cleaner more vibrant you.

Who Should Retreat


  • – Finds it difficult to Lose Weight and Keep It Off.
  • – Has Tried Many Diets In The Past Without Luck.
  • – Is Overweight or Obese.
  • – Suffers From Binge Eating Disorder or Emotional Eating.
  • – Negative Self Image and Body Image.
  • – Unsure of Correct Nutrition For Weight Loss.
  • – Food or Sugar Addiction and Cravings.
  • – Poor Level of Fitness.
  • – Suffers with Cellulite.
  • – Poor Quality Sleep and Insomnia.


  • – Poor Lifestyle (Alcohol,Toxic Exposure,Unhealthy Eating High Stress).
  • – Suffers from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
  • – Lacks The Motivation and Energy To Exercise.
  • – Stiff, Aching Joints and Muscles.
  • – Respiratory Difficulties.
  • – Allergies or Intolerances.
  • – Low Energy and Fatigue.
  • – Depression and Anxiety.
  • – Gastric Disturbance Including Bloating.
  • – Indigestion, Heartburn or Acidity.
  • – Lack of Enthusiasm.

Please Note : Anyone with chronic or heavily medicated conditions may be asked to supply a doctor’s letter verifying that they are fit to come on a Weight Loss Retreat. All retreat guests consent to treatment involving the application of all integrated therapies, assessments, consultations and treatments included on the retreat of their own free will and without any coercion or undue influence.All integrated therapies for any disease or chronic condition do not guarantee a cure or remission from any illness. Your Doctor and any specialist consultants will remain responsible for your general medical care throughout the period of application of the integrated therapies. The Sanda Wellness Team and its entire professional staff will act in an advisory capacity only.

How You Benefits


  • – Weight Loss, Fat Loss and Inch Loss.
  • – Further Weight Reduction Following The Retreat.
  • – A Clear Understanding of Correct Nutrition without Dieting.
  • – Increased metabolism and metabolic balancing.
  • – Reduction and even complete elimination of food cravings.
  • – Improved digestive functions such as absorption and
  • – Increased knowledge of optimum nutrition and food choices.
  • – Reduction in fluid retention.
  • – A Healthier Body and Self Image.
  • – Increased energy, vitality and stamina.
  • – Increased immunity & resistance to infections & illness.
  • – Reduced joint aches and pains and increased mobility.
  • – Improved sleep patterns and feeling rested and refreshed.
  • – Clearer Brighter Skin and Eyes.

Customer Feedback

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