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Welcome to The Beach house goa

Welcome to a journey that will Transform Your Life. Our approach is holistic as we integrate therapies from Modern & Ancient sciences to help you heal & rebalance your body and mind. We give you the time to pause, to reset & to breathe deep. Here’s to feeling lighter, brighter and energized.

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Rebalance Your Body. See
yourlife transform.

Lifestyle & Health Problems

Holistic Simple & Effective. We provide natural solutions.

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We help you reconnect
with yourself!

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Practical Yoga that will
transform your life

Our Ayurveda

Authentic Practical Ayurveda
that will transform your life

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Transforming Lives

Rebalancing 3 Chakras

We believe that best results are achieved by balancing the Physical, psychological and physiological elements, together known as the 3 Chakras for optimum wellness.

Total 360 Care

We combine New Age Modern and Ancient techniques for screening and diagnosing potential causes of various imbalances to help restore your balance.

Practical Yoga

As part of revitalizing process, yoga, pranayama and meditation are integral parts of healing you, and giving you the perfect start to the day!

Pragmatic Holistic Approach

We believe in making Ayurveda and natural alternate sciences practical in the new age.

Cleansing and Detoxification

Through detoxification, you’ll start the rejuvenation process at the cellular level helping your body regain optimum health and wellness.

Personalised approach

Our programs are made for “Your Wellness” and are tailored to suit your unique needs after the initial assessments and meetings with our doctor.

About The Beach House Goa

The founder’s vision for the Beach House Goa’s Wellness Philosophy is based on achieving and creating a balance between all three body systems i.e. the Three Chakras of your body in order to attain a state of “Wellness”.
  • The Physiological system that fuels body processes.
  • The Physical system supports the organs and body.
  • The Psychological system that governs thoughts, desires, actions and emotions.
All Three Chakras are interconnected and complement one another. They determine that an individual’s state of health is fundamental to attain equilibrium, prevention of disease and promotion of health.

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Some More Feedback From Our Guests

The Beach House – Goa is a beautiful, calm, clean and stunning beach front wellness resort. The program is well planned and keeps you busy with a holistic approach that is nicely rounded. Lovely place to unwind, reset and rebalance.

Elodie Loudon ,

November, 2019

PERFECT,QUIET AND REMOTE VERY RELAXING. I got everything I needed – to rethink my way of eating, how important health is, good energy. Thank you everyone-you have a very powerful product.

Jennifer Irwin ,

July 2019

Loved the location. Very serene & tranquil. Surely have exceeded my expectations. Very personal & customised to one's requirements and personally feel much better(physically & emotionally) post programme. Definitely recommend it to people(colleagues & friends)

Selene Vassallo ,

April 2019

Fantastic place, amazing staff; above and beyond what I expected. Thank you , you gave me my life back.

Rachel Berry ,

April 2019

Excellent. Quiet. Near the airport Brilliant. The careful adjustments throughout(very subtle) & the thoughtful monitoring. I was extremely well looked after. The staff without exception were fantastic-always polite. I did not expect to feel so mentally better as well as physically. I plan to return.

Nikki Fforde ,

November 2018

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