Testimonials | The Beach House Goa

“Excellent program! This is my second time here. It’s truly a mind, body and soul detox.. not just weight loss program. Makes one feel lighter in every way. All the staff, doctors, therapist and nutritionist are so warm & helpful. The consultations were all very knowledgeble & useful.”*

Benaifer Reporter, Age 53, Juice Detox, Aug 2016, From India

“Great location, right on the beach close walk to nearby town. Absolutely loved our time here. Treatments were amazing and evening talks really interesting. Yoga was fantastic. Everyone was so friendly.”*

Jennifer Vincent, 29  Ayurveda Retreat, Aug 2016, From UK

“Great results. Total balancing of mind, body & spirit. Loved my stay. Very impressive staff in all departments.”*

Monisha T, Age 47, Juice + Weight Management, Aug 2016, From India

“Very detailed and custom personal attention. Very knowledgeable, professional. Wonderful beyond my expectations, will definitely come back.”*

Kym, Age 47, Menopausal Management Retreat, Aug 2016, From USA

“Very nice, well maintained, feels very secure. Very relaxing learnt a lot. Yoga was wonderful.”*

Ayelet L, Age 46, Ayurveda Retreat, Jul 2016, From Switzerland

“Well located by the beach which adds value to the relaxation and detoxing aspect. Excellent massages, food and helpful staff.”*

Eman Z, Age 43, Juice Detox & Ayurveda Retreat, Jul 2016, From Dubai

“Fantastic!!, been such a great support. My time here has helped me so much. Looking forward to returning. All staff are wonderful. Well done!”*

Lisa C, Age 51, Juice Detox Retreat, Jul 2016, From UK

“Yoga classes were great. Location is good because is infront of the beach. Very good impression. Staff are very helpful.”*

Cecilia, Age 44, Yoga Retreat, Jul 2016, From Argentina

“It was very serene and peaceful. Manages very good and specially the staff was very co-operative. Will definitely come back.”*

Alaokika B, Age 42, Juice Detox Retreat, Jul 2016, From India

“The package of yoga exercises & therapy together with massages and vegetarian diet made me feel as though the whole experience was tailor-made. Staff all very helpful & friendly.”*

Vivienne P, Age 67, Transformational Meditation, Jul 2016, From UK

“Beach House was beautiful, peaceful setting, variation of instructors, friendly atmosphere. Enjoyed evening talks, videos information.  Theory session were also thorough.”*

Fionna M, Age 39, Transformational Meditation, Jul 2016, From UK

“Beautiful location feels very safe. Very well organized everybody is extremely friendly & kind. Wonderful retreat, would definitely return & recommend to friends and family.”*

Marie, Age 30, Yoga Retreat, Jun 2016, From UK

“A very good stay on Juice Detox Retreat. I also sought solution for reducing smoking. After I left for UK, I have now got to the point where I had the cigarette in my mouth but realised that I didn’t want it and threw it away without lighting it. So I have been smoke free for more than 5 weeks now. Thanks for everything.”*

Anderson, Age 41, Juice Detox Retreat, April 2016, from UK

“We did the weight management programme and had delicious juices, smoothies, soups and great lunches. We have learnt so much. All the staff have been charming and so obliging. A big thank you to everyone at The Beach House, we will be back.”*

Rosie T, Age 57, Total Body Rebalancing Retreat, March 2016, from UK

“The Whole experience has been a truly amazing one, Joseph is so professional and engaged with all aspects of his teaching, you can see that he is totally dedicated to his teaching practice & a strong bond has been made between us.I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”*

Graham, Transformational Meditation Retreat, Jan 2016, from UK

“It truly was a life changing experience which i will always remember (Of course I will also plan to come back again, already miss it alot). I learnt so much and felt so much better on my return, it was magical. Huge thank you for everything the team at sandatreats done for me.”*

 Aanika B, Age 36, Total Body Rebalancing Retreat, Dec 2015, from UK

“I’ve lost another 3 kilos and more inches and am sticking to the meal plan that you and I discussed. My energy level is high and I no longer. feel tired and fatigued after work. I truly believe I’ve made the transition to a new lifestyle and I love it! The staff at The Beach House gave me the motivation and information needed to move forward and I really appreciate it.”*

Robin W, Age 62, Juice Detox Retreat, Dec 2015, from USA

“I spent 14 days in The Beach House on the Yoga Spa retreat. The program was great. The massages and treatments were also fantastic. The doctors and nutritionists were extremely knowledgeable and advised on improvements of my diet which I am still following. I have so much more energy!”*

 Susanne, Age 38, Yoga & Spa Retreat, Dec 2015, from UK

“I did the totaly body rebalancing schedule with extra massage for lymph gland drainage and hypnotherapy. i feel better and look better than i have in years, the hynotherpaist was better than anyone at harley st and the massage girls were healing heavenly hands. i highly recommend for anyone sufering stress, fatigue, over weight or more chronic illness which the western medicine only treats with more toxic meds.”*

Shadia, Total Body Rebalancing Retreat, Nov 2015, from UK

“I just wanted to say thank you so much to all the staff.  I truly had such an incredible experience, I felt so amazing by the end of the week, completely re-charged. The food was so amazing.”*

Caroline H, Age 36, Yoga & Detox Retreat, Nov 2015, from UK

“I have been very impressed with all of the staff at The Beach House they are all very professional, friendly and smile.”*

Paul H, Age 44, Hypertension Management Retreat, Sep 2015, from UK

“Beautiful!  Love the Beach. Yoga was great. Massages were amazing!  The food was fantastic. Everyone here is so friendly and positive. It’s a fantastic retreat. I will highly recommend it.”*

Dawn K, Age 46, Yoga and Spa, July 2015, from Abu Dhabi

“Thanks to all for exceeding any expectation I had and for making it a memorable retreat. Will surely repeat. All impressions written inside by departments.”*

Racio D, Age 30, Ayurvedic Detox, May 2015, from Abu Dhabi

“Amazing, honestly can’t think of a single negative, this place has already changed my life ! Fantastic, everything is perfect from the gardening, cleaning, massages (incredible!) also doctors & nutritionists, all staff were so sweet. I would love to come back and will recommend to many.”*

Jay A, Age 26, Juice Detox, April 2015, from Barbury UK

“My second visit. I love it. Yoga in the morning on the terrace with the sound of the sea is perfect. Also the best sunset I have ever seen. I felt so well looked after my second visit so I knew what to expect. All staff are kind and knowledgeable and very well trained. The staff can’t do enough to help – excellent.”*

Janine C, Age 43, Juice Detox, Dec 2014, from London UK

“Calming, beautiful and perfect to get to the beach. Great staff and small enough to have a great positive environment. AMAZING! I want to comeback.”*

Jonathan, Age 59, Yoga and Detox, Dec 2014, from UK

“Excellent location and great environment though close to some busy places the area remains quite and an inviting place for relaxation. The retreat is very well organized in terms of treatments and assessments as well as other activities. Irreplaceable medical and wellness support dedicated to each individual in particular, great support also from the rest of the team. A place to remember, will for sure return and recommend to my friends. Thank you.”*

Joao S, Age 49, Juice Fasting Detox, May 2014, from Macau

‘It’s just a dream location with the best ambience and environment for all the programs. The vast knowledge of all the people and the gentle approach to each one’s needs is very admirable and very humbling. I am very glad I made the trip, the whole experience was simply worth it.”*

Nice G, Age 31, Weight Management Retreat, April 2014, from Uganda

“The location is beautiful and perfect. The villas are lovely, really didn’t expect it to be so good. Was never hungry, felt it was really tailored to my needs and the staff really wanted to help. The place is kept perfectly clean and the staff are all very professional.”*

Joey P, Age 34, Juice fasting Detox, April 2014, from Colchester UK

“Excellent treatments, great yoga, great food.  Everyone was very friendly.  The services were excellent as was the food. It was a great experience and will definitely come back.”*

Christy J, Age 46,Ayurveda Detox Retreat, April 2014, from USA

“Ideal, with the sea beach and the garden, the visitor has the best of both worlds. The villas are a touch of luxury and the main building is pleasant and well planned. Very comprehensive retreat. Yoga and the various consultations and treatments combine to make a well balanced retreat! Group talks were interesting and enjoyable. The garden is beautiful and very well maintained. All staff and employees are pleasant and helpful. Their efforts combine to produce an efficient and wonderful experience. I have been given food for thought this week and would certainly recommend this retreat to all people who think they have a healthy lifestyle.”*

Stella C, Age 76, Total Body Rebalancing Retreat, March 2014 , from Essex, UK

“Perfect location on the beach, undisturbed and secure. The retreat is very private, though familiear as the group of max 8 guests blended ideally together. The rooms are comfortable. The very professional staff of the retreat made my stay a wonderful experience. The doctor ladies, the reception, cleaning staff and juice boys added to a 100% successful stay. The masseurs are well trained in their field, very polite, understanding and patient. The yoga lessons 2 a day helped me to become flexible again which feels good. Changing yoga teachers was a good experience.   A wonderful experience……”*

Karen W, Age 57, Total Body Rebalancing Retreat, March 2014, from Qatar

“A very beautiful, we feel as if we are out from this world on some island which is in heaven and there is no place to go just here. The retreat was very good, with very loving doctors and good staff…caring, loving..it is so wonderful, I can’t express. I would love to come here always, whenever I think of holiday this place has given me new life, new lifestyle of living life healthy and in peace, love, thank you.”*

Rachana S, Age 36, Juice Fasting Detox, March 2014  from Mumbai, India

“I have started to go for a healthy diet by cutting out chocolate and crisps and eating a lot of green vegetables and going to start using rice and couscous. In the airport at Mumbai I bought six packets of green tea which I am enjoying they are 2 Lemon Green, 2 Ginger Green and 2 Cinnamon Green. I have tried lemon Green tea and loved it and now on the Ginger Green tea and loving it.   Again thank you for all your advice and also for the wake call I needed to change my ways.   I am now feeling 100 per cent better and a lot slimmer and also got my high blood pressure under control and checking it a home on a blood pressure monitor I bought. Also trying to do a lot of walking.”*

Paul W, Age 60, Total Body Rebalancing Retreat, February 2014, from UK

“I love this place. Location, ambience great. People especially clinical support very good. Enjoyed cooking classes. I have really enjoyed this retreat. Many thanks to all of the people involved in getting me back on track and arranging for my hair appointment.   Yoga teacher was very good. Overall a great experience. I will be back next year.”*                    

Shelly K, Age 54, Tailor made Ayurveda retreat, February, 2014, from Canada

“I would just like to say thank you so much for sending me to Goa. I feel so much healthy in myself and good about my body. My diet has changed to better food and I drink so much more water than before. I would just like to say the doctors and the staff were wonderful there helped me to understand my diet a lot better than before. It was just wonderful.”*

Krishna S, Age 74, Ayurveda Indian Detox, February 2014 from UK

“The location is very nice, the beach is lovely and the sunset from the terrace is amazing.  The retreat is very good, nice staff, nice clean rooms.  The retreat is fun, very professional, very good education in Hatha yoga.”*

Kennet G, Age 60, Yoga Retreat, February 2014,  from Sweden

“Beautiful location right on the beach. Its neither too crowded not too quiet. It was my first time to any kind of retreat, so did not know what I should have expected, but I found it was an informative and a motivating experience. I had a lovely stay, enjoyed throughout, lovely and very helpful staff. They accommodate well to one’s need without affecting the retreat. Would definitely come again. Amazing massages, delicious vegetarian food.”*

Moumita B, Age 27, (Airline Crew member), Ayurveda Indian Detox, February 2014, from Singapore

“Good that we have a overall body scan, so it gives more insights of all aspects and not just because it is good.  The yoga sessions are very good, adapting to the energy levels of the participants.  We like the little rooms with the noise of the ocean for the massages.”*

Ester W, Age 41, Day Detox, January 2014,  from Netherlands

“Very good consultation and retreat.  Good advices.  Really enjoyed my stay.  Than you for a useful interesting week.  You are all so friendly.”*

Per G, Age 32, Total Body Rebalancing Retreat, January 2014,  from Norway

“Very informative, very interesting, very helpful, very motivated session, enjoyed completely.  Hypnotherapy was an interesting experience.  The nutrition consultation motivated me more towards healthy lifestyle and eating habits.  Had no complaints, team is excellent.”*

Greta P, Age 35, Total Body Rebalancing Retreat, January 2014, from Lithuania

“Excellent and thorough consultations makes me feel safe and able to talk easily and openly. Very supportive and helpful without being too much information overload. The spa treatments were all amazing too and the staff very friendly and professional. The setting of yoga in front of the ocean is perfect for calming the mind. The cooks and staff are all fab too. The whole place is awesome.”*

Louise N, Age 33,  Ayurveda Detox, December 2013, from Singapore

“Loved my time here-gave me a chance to focus on areas of my life that have greatly been neglected. Really enjoyed the personal interactions with the staff-a lovely experience. Good to know what kinds of food I should focus on, also enjoyed learning about Ayurveda. Yoga sessions were the highlight of the retreat for it is a great way to start the day.”*

Cillian S, Age 34, Juice Fasting Detox, December 2013, from Hong Kong

“Pretty good consultation. Everything has been pretty aligned to what I have practicing or what I want to practice, very good yoga sessions better that the ones done in North America. The kind of different thing over here is that its absolutely no caffeine. I guess everything else is very nice, very helpful, very kind.”*

Amita J, Age 36, Rejuvenate & Revitalise Retreat, December 2013 from Canada

“No particular comments. They were very accommodating and helpful. It was a fantastic retreat. I am very happy with everything.”*

Tarun T, Age 57, Total Body Rebalance Retreat, December 2013, from New Delhi

“The Beach House, Goa-beautiful outlook, sun, sea, sand! The grounds are kept immaculately. The Celebrating life-Senior citizen Retreat is a good strict regime, but is not at all hard to comply with, and allows time for relaxation and walking along the beach. Wonderful place to come, to unwind as well as following the regime. The team of doctors, consultants and yoga masters are a wonderful lot of people. They treat you as though you are the only one in residence, and are all willing to listen to any worries or queries you might have and put your mind at rest.”*

 Joan H, Age 68, Celebrating Life Retreat, December 2013  from London UK

“I had a wonderful experience doing the detox at the Beach House. All the staff here are very friendly and made me feel very welcome. The massages and treatments were excellent. The ambiance of the place so close to the beach made the week that I spent here a holiday as well as a detox. Keep it up! I think the Beach House is a very special place because it is so small that one gets a lot of individual attention, so is a very friendly place. Thank you to everyone who made my experience here so special.”*

Purnima M, Age 60, Juice Fasting Detox, November 2013, from London UK

“The various sessions helped me to get a much better understanding of my body type and what it needs. I really benefited from the daily yoga session in so may ways. It improved my body flexibility & strength, breathing, and meditation techniques are what I loved. The fitness sessions were hard but very good & rewarding. I enjoyed kick boxing in particular.”*

John, Age 53, Weight Management Retreat, November 2013, from Qatar

“The overall stay was great and I really enjoyed it. The yoga sessions were really helpful and enjoyable especially the morning session. Would definitely like to come back every year.”*

Sarah M, Age 28, Ayurveda Indian detox, November 2013, from UK

“Excellent doctor’s consultation, awesome yoga sessions really enjoyed the pace at which the instructor’s taught. The nutrition session was some and the consultant has an in depth knowledge of varieties of food. The fitness session was so good and the trainer was so energetic, positive and fun. Loved the les drills routines she planned.”*

Kyla S, Age 28, Weight Management Retreat, October 2013  from New Zealand

“A very informative and inspirational consultation where the body compositions results were thoroughly explained as well as the Ayurveda body type. Relaxing yoga session, enjoyable inspiring hypnotherapy session which gives you clarity on forward decisions in life in general and family & career in specific. Excellent talks on various topics and in details nutrition and diet consultation session giving individualized diet plans.”*

Rita B, Age 37, Ayurvedic Detox Retreat, October 2013, from UAE

“People are very nice and helpful, the consultations were very good. The yoga session were informative and excellent because I felt my body more flexible.”*

Nourah, Age 59, Yoga Retreat, October 2013, from Kuwait

“The doctor is not only highly skilled and professional in what she is doing, but she also makes a personalized approach and attends to every details of the matter. I felt safe and comfortable being under her supervision. Excellent yoga coaches, really good yoga. Therapeutic yoga played wonders on my shoulder. Nutrition talks and consultations along with the cooking workshop was my favourite part of the retreat. Leant lots of useful information and techniques, surely will become part of what I will implement in my lige.”*      

Ekaterina E, Age 28, Ayurveda Indian Detox, September 2013 , from Dubai, UAE

*Individual Results May Vary From Person To Person.