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Treatments Available On The Beach House Goa

24 May 2011
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AYURVEDA TREATMENTS: Abhyanga: Anointing and massaging the whole body with medicated oil, which is chosen according your constitution or the disease. The oil is lukewarm, so the ingredients of the oil are more easily to be absorbed by the skin. The long strokes are awakening the skin, heat is causing the opening off the pores and by doing the strokes, and the oil is being massaged into the skin and so into the body tissues. • it enhances the age and reduces wrinkles • it relieves tiredness and weakness • it relieves Vata (air element) in the body • it tones up the tissues and strengthens the body • it.

DETOX Program

09 May 2011
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DETOX Program

ABOUT THE PROGRAM There are a number of different reasons why people choose to come to us for a Detox Retreat. Many come because they just know that their bodies and minds are toxic and many come to us with a wide range of health problems including Infertility, IBS, Skin Disorders, Weight Problems, Stress plus much more. Many come because they simply need to retreat and rest for a few days within a nurturing secluded and peaceful environment. At the start of the retreat we will run a series of assessments which will include: • Personal and Medical Assessment • Doctors Consultation and Assessment (Ayurvedic or Homeopathic) • pH Balance.